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Motorcycle Wrecks

In Florida last year, approximately two motorcyclists were killed EVERY DAY and another 23 injured.  By the end of the year, over 500 motorcyclists were dead and another 8,500 injured. That is in one year in Florida alone! Unfortunately, motorcyclists are typically stereotyped as speeding, reckless drivers.  However, more often than not, motorcycle accidents are caused by negligent automobile or truck drivers, not the motorcyclist.

The higher risk for accidents involving a motorcyclist is due to automobile drivers failing to pay attention to the motorcycle rider or completely disregarding the motorcyclist.  Moreover, collisions involving motorcycles occur at higher rates due to the very nature and size of the motorcycle which makes them more difficult to see than a truck or passenger car.  Many automobile drivers involved in collisions with motorcycles admit that they never saw the motorcyclist until the collision occurred or it was too late to avoid the collision.

Also, motorcycles, by design, leave the operator and any passengers much more exposed than one would be in an enclosed automobile or truck.  As a result, most collisions involving motorcycles have a greater potential for serious injury to the rider than a typical accident involving two automobiles. Motorcycles only weigh about 20% of what the average automobile weighs; as such, on impact the motorcycle is generally knocked to the road either pinning the rider or throwing them into harm’s way.   Accordingly, we as motorcycle riders must always be keenly aware of our surroundings, constantly evaluating drivers and conditions around us.  Additionally, a rider, when faced with an impending crash, must perform skilled physical and mental maneuvers in an attempt to avoid injury.

The two most common forms of severe injury that occur as a result of a motorcycle accident are head (and related brain) injuries and spinal cord injuries.  Head injuries are generally more severe when the rider is not wearing a helmet. Most often these injuries are life changing.

As such, with more and more riders on the road every day, it’s imperative that riders protect themselves with routine accident avoidance training, be aware of their surroundings at all times and wear safety gear for protection.

While it is obvious that motorcyclists need to be aware that most automobile drivers do not see or pay attention to them on the road, it is also obvious that should an accident occur the motorcyclist needs a skilled motorcycle injury lawyer to protect their rights and get them CycleJustice.


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