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Motorcycle Speeding Ticket

So you’ve received a speeding ticket, it happens to the best of us.

Here are some next steps for you to consider:

1. Do not send in your ticket with payment.  You’ll be pleading guilty and paying the highest possible fine allowed by law. You have the right to fight it, and will (in most cases) be able to lower the fine by ½ or more.

2. You should plead “Not Guilty” and send in the ticket. The court has the legal responsibility to prove your guilt, and there are several ways they can make mistakes on the way to a guilty verdict. By pleading not guilty, they will have to set a court date, which gives you time to get a plan together.

3. Consider hiring a motorcycle lawyer to help you address traffic citations as soon as you are ticketed. This can be a key strategy to reduce the damage caused by a conviction, saving you money and the hassle of a license suspension.

At Cycle Justice we have a detailed knowledge of traffic laws and the traffic courts to assist people facing various citations. We work diligently to help you avoid convictions by proving your innocence, or limit the damage by working with the traffic courts to find a satisfactory reduced charge. We understand the importance placed on your ability to continue to drive regularly. With that in mind, we'll fight to help you protect your license even if it means going to court.

Contact our speeding ticket attorneys to schedule a free consultation to learn how we can help defend against your speeding ticket or other traffic violations.

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