Some things in life are inevitable- but getting into a motorcycle accident doesn’t have to be one of them. Each time you take your motorcycle out for a ride, you accept that there are some variables - from road conditions to the way other riders and vehicle operators are driving – that you have no control over. Fortunately, you can avoid an accident just by following simple steps to stay safe. 

  • Get the proper motorcycle training – most motorcycle riders involved in accidents have little or no training
  • Proper motorcycle maintenance will keep your motorcycle from malfunctioning
  • Wear bright, reflective clothing
  • Make sure that other drivers on the road can see you before you turn, stop or change lanes
  • Use your horn if other drivers can’t see you
  • Exercise caution at intersections
  • At night, wear a clear face shield or glasses to that visibility isn’t reduced by scratches or darkness
  • Use your headlight – even during the day
  • Learn and practice the proper hang signals for turns
  • Use your brake light
  • Keep an adequate distance from other vehicles, including motorcycles sharing your lane
  • Identify potential hazards before changing lanes, passing or turning
  • Stay alert at all times

By forming safe habits, you greatly increase your chances of avoiding an accident on the road.